So close.  I will get there.  And it won’t kill me.  I am so focused.

Know your calories!

I cannot stress this enough:  Know how many calories your body needs.  Know how many calories you are eating in a day!

I plateaued at 211 for a whole month because I was eating 100 - 200 calories too many each day.

I am currently eating 1600.  And dropping pounds like a boss.

Basal Metabolic Rate

It is soooo important to know how many calories your body needs.  There are many calculators available (for free) online.  I plateaued at 211.  I finally broke down and checked my math…  I was eating 100 to 200 calories too many every day.  Now that I have lowered my calories to 1600, the weight is falling off again.  I’ll repost a couple of my favorite links for checking calories.

Knowledge is power!

Let’s go!

4.4 lbs to my next goal of 208!  (That is the lowest I have EVER weighed as an adult, back when I was a sophomore in college).


Have clear goals.

Define. Strive. Achieve.  Write down your goals.  Post them in a visible spot.  Know what you want.  Work hard on getting what you want, whatever it is.

Still pushin’

I’m still working hard on weight loss and gettin’ healthy and strong! GRR.  My right knee is sore, so I’ve had to switch up what I’m doing.  I was doing 90 minutes of cardio, 5 times a week.  With the sore knee, I have dropped to 30 minutes of cardio, 5 times a week, and then increased my weight lifting and added a new weight lifting routine.  So, while I’m babying my knee, I’m getting extra core, back, and tricep work in.  :)

Foodwise, I was a lil piggy last week (pizza and sushi!) but I’m back on target this week.  I pack my lunch & snacks every day to take to work.

OOH, I finally dropped ALL fake sugars from my diet.  That sh!t will kill you.

If you haven’t checked out AGAVE NECTAR yet, you should.  



My face now.  I had to have new glasses made.  Because my face is so much thinner now than it was….  I went down 3 sizes… in glasses.  New glasses should be in tomorrow!

My face.  :)

New jeans, size 16.

New jeans, size 16.

Double Cardio

Taking a break from weight lifting until I get to Onederland.

A gym visit for me now goes something like this: 30-60 minutes of elliptical followed by 30-90 minutes of treadmill.

T-minus 12 pounds to Onederland!!!

No tricks.

Just sweat.  Lots of sweat.

The best way to get where you are going…

…is to never quit.  Slow-going is better than no-going.

one hundred pounds

today, I made it.  100 pounds lost.  100.4 actually.  a lil shocked over here.